Manhattan Juice Clinic
A healthy body requires healthy nutrition.
Our therapy is the single most important ingredient to achieve both!

The Manhattan Juice Clinic offers juices of a never before seen nutritional value, inspired by the phenomenal work of Dr. Norman Walker. Our recipes are proven to offer enormous health benefits, cure your ailments or play an important role in the process by providing your body with the nutrition it needs. Our knowledge can help you to fully use the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in order to live a healthier, better life.

It's easy to get your customized juice therapy:

1. Choose a recipe or nutritional information from the drop-down menus below.
2. You are transferred to the shopping cart, now choose 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' or 'CHECKOUT'.
3. Fill in the order form (optionally providing us with private details*).
4. For any questions or inputs please contact us under:

All orders are processed within 24 hours. We also offer our clients email support.
*This information will be used to fine-tune the recipe. All details provided to us are kept strictly confiden
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